Challenging Organisations and Society

The Journal “Challenging Organisations and Society . reflective hybrids® (COS)” is the first journal to be dedicated to the rapidly growing requirements of reflective hybrids in our complex organizations and society of the 21st century.

Its international and multidisciplinary approaches balance theory and practice and show a wide range of perspectives organized in and between organizations and society.

Being global, diverse in thinking and acting outside the box are the targets for its authors and readers in management, consulting and science.

COS-Conference in Venice, 11 – 13 September 2014

Centro Don Orione in Venice 2

Do you feel you are a reflective hybrid, walking on the two legs of theory and practice? You are invited to participate in an intensive and high quality meeting, in the beautiful venue Centro Don Orione in Venice, Italy. Our goals:

  • To create long-term strategic plans for future hot topics and developments of organizations and society
  • To build friendships among reflective hybrids who share similar profesional and academic interests and concerns

Online registration is now open. See the invitation with program and register soon at  COS-Conference 2014