Challenging Organisations and Society

The Journal “Challenging Organisations and Society . reflective hybrids® (COS)” is the first journal to be dedicated to the rapidly growing requirements of reflective hybrids in our complex organizations and society of the 21st century.

Its international and multidisciplinary approaches balance theory and practice and show a wide range of perspectives organized in and between organizations and society.

Being global, diverse in thinking and acting outside the box are the targets for its authors and readers in management, consulting and science.


Agenda COS Creations and Conferences

Date COS Activities Location Information
20-24 March 2017 COS Seminar The Group in Collective Flow Venice, Italy Read more
25-28 May 2017 COS Workshop Integrating Somatic Intelligence in High Performance Teams, with Stephen Gilligan Vienna, Austria Read more
18-21 Oct. 2017

22 Oct. 2017 optional

COS Conference 2017
Making a life for one and for all in an uncertain world.Sharing through creative productions, i.e. special issue COS Journal
Noordwijk on Sea,
Read more